2021 Ford Bronco First Edition reservations sell out, Bronco website overwhelmed

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You know you’ve got a popular product when people are having trouble giving you their money. When the 2021 Ford Bronco was revealed last night, we — and you, probably — noticed right away that Ford’s Bronco reservation site was apparently struggling to handle the volume. We often couldn’t get into the site. This morning, Ford has a notice on the site saying of the limited First Edition: “Reservations full.”

That’s the First Edition only. You can still reserve one of the six other trims to your heart’s content. And the reservation site seems to be running much better this morning, though we’re betting some Ford website devs had a late night.

The way it works is you place a reservation now with a $100 deposit and choose your preferred dealer; in late 2020, your dealer will reach out to you and help you place your order and configure your Bronco; and in spring 2021 you’ll hit the trail.

The First Edition was never intended to last long, not beyond the 2021 model year. Only 3,500 will be built, Ford says — unless last night’s events persuade Ford to extend the run. And given that the First Edition, with all of the possible off-road performance and all of the possible luxury combined into one model, has a price starting at $60,800 for a Two-Door and $64,995 for a Four-Door (including $1,495 destination), building a few more might not be a bad idea. But for now, they’ve been claimed..

If you snagged one, you know that the First Edition gets Badlands mechanicals (heavy duty suspension), Outer Banks interior and Wildtrak exterior. There are no optional packages, because everything comes standard. This lineup includes the Mid, High and Lux packages and Sasquatch Package. It also adds a First Edition hood, body side graphics, Shadow Black-painted hardtop, Safari bar, carpeted floor, leather seats (power driver seat) and a unique interior spec. 

We have a full rundown of all seven Bronco trim levels and now they differ, along with a breakdown of Bronco pricing.

Meanwhile, our friends at Bronco6G Forum are maintaining a tracking list of what forum members have been ordering, and here’s the breakdown so far:

  • 2-Door – 39%
  • 4-Door – 61%
  • First Edition – 31.3%
  • Badlands – 24.9%
  • Wildtrak – 13.2%
  • Outer Banks – 8.7%
  • Black Diamond – 10.8%
  • Base – 5.9%
  • Big Bend – 5.2%
  • 11.5% from CA
  • 11.5% from TX
  • 4.9% from NJ
  • 4.5% from FL
  • 12.9% first time Ford owners
  • 30.3% previous or current Jeep owners (shows much interest this has drawn from Jeep owners/buyers)

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