2021 Ford Bronco interior color combinations revealed

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Following the reveal of the 2021 Ford Bronco and Bronco Sport, there isn’t much we don’t know about the vehicles. We’re mostly gathering details on pricing and packages and things. One of the latest collections of info we’ve picked up is the different interior color options available on the big Bronco. The discovery comes from the Bronco6G forum where members deciphered URL codes to bring up images of the different interior combinations.

We’ve assembled all the basic interior combinations offered in the gallery above. With some tweaking of URLs, following the instructions found at the forum, you can get more granular with exterior colors, infotainment sizes and transmission choices. We only highlighted the basics.

The first interior is the First Edition model with blue and black leather. Following that is the Badlands trim which gets a funky greenish-gray dash that looks like a good match to the Area 51 paint color. It also has some bright orange accents. The Outer Banks trim is next with a blue and black interior that’s slightly different from the First Edition. It’s the only trim with a metallic dashboard. The final black and brown interiors are found on the rest of the line-up, and the Wildtrak and Black Diamond trims appear to get the blue accents, while Big Bend gets gray accents on the handles.

Missing in action are the interiors from some of the vehicles shown during the reveal, which showcased a saddle brown interior and a white and gray one. At least with the saddle brown interior, Ford PR person Mike Levine confirmed on Twitter it was a one-off, and we imagine the white and gray interior was as well.

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