2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior spy photos without camouflage

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Jeep has done an impressively good job keeping the next-generation three-row Jeep Grand Cherokee under literal wraps. But one of our photographers found that they haven’t been as careful with the interior and got us an excellent look at the new Jeep’s cabin. We like what we see.

The example shown above is likely a well-equipped model, most evident by the enormous screen dominating the center stack. We think it’s probably 10 to 12 inches in size. It also has an interesting position, sort of bridging the top of the dash and the base of the center stack. At the top are some buttons, possibly for driver assist or off-roading systems, and at the bottom are dedicated climate control knobs and buttons.

The upper half of the dash has stitched leather, and the lower half has some matte finish wood trim, further suggesting this is a high-trim model. We can see that this version has one big display panel for the instruments. Down in the center console, we can see the old Grand Cherokee’s shift lever is gone in favor of a shifter dial like in other Chrysler products. On the whole, it’s an impressive interior, with clean, crisp lines and a less upright dash that potentially provides a more airy feel.

The new Grand Cherokee was expected to be shown later this year. That may still happen, but it could also be delayed as a result of the pandemic. We expect it will be offered with a third-row of seats considering the larger prototypes we’ve seen. Powertrains are a bit of a mystery, as there are rumors of an inline-six coming out to replace the base 3.6-liter V6.

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