Audi’s Smart Display with Android in your car

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At the opening of the CES 2014 week, in the tiny small hours of the morning, the Las Vegas morning, Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance. One of the early on partners in the project, Audi, is on the demonstration floor in Las Vegas with a bunch of cool new stuff, including this; the Smart Display.


In simple terms, we’ve got a 10.2-inch Android 4.3 tablet running on a Tegra 4 CPU and carrying a deeply customized user interface. After all, this isn’t just another Android tablet. The Smart Display integrates fully and seamlessly with the on-board entertainment and navigation systems.

Audi has also made the Smart Display with Android in your car. An Audi representative told us that they tested other tablets such as the iPad and the ASUS Transformer and in the event of an accident both present a danger to the occupants. That’s right; Audi has crash tested its Android tablet.

It’s an interesting concept, and we’re confident to start seeing a lot more Android automotive technology in the coming year. But, since we’re on the ground at CES, we swung by Audi to see what’s going on first hand. Head on past the break for the video, and as a special treat, a few snaps of the uber-impressive Audi S8 we used for some of the shoot.


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