Carlex Design Hyundai Santa Fe has a two-tone wrap and upgraded seats

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The Hyundai Santa Fe is currently one of the sharpest crossovers available on the market. With mean stacked headlights and a sculpted body, it brings style to a tame mainstream segment. European aftermarket customization shop Carlex Design took notice and gave the crossover a custom treatment that ups its presence even further with a Maybach-style paint scheme and upgraded interior.

Carlex Design has experience with a wide variety of vehicles. The tuning shop has worked on vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz Zetros, the Volkswagen Golf GTI, a Ford F-150, and a 1967 Ford Mustang, but the most typical clients drive luxury and performance vehicles. Other high-end projects include the Mercedes-Benz G63 Yachting Edition, the McLaren 720S, and the Ferrari 458. The list is extensive, but this appears to be one of the first Hyundais that has rolled into the garage. It’s called the “Urban Edition.” 

Carlex Design didn’t give the Santa Fe a total themed overhaul like it does with some of its other cars, but the exterior has a striking new look. A body kit amplifies the car’s athletic stance with a large grille that creates the appearance of giant white fangs, bolted-on widebody fender flares, side skirts, and a rear diffuser. The Santa Fe also has a rear spoiler and custom wheels. 

Most notably, Carlex took advantage of the athletic bodyline that stretches from the vehicle’s nose all the way to its rear. Using a wrap, above the line, including the hood, the roof, and the entire greenhouse, is black. Below the line is white. Two-tone exteriors are nothing new, but most recently, it has been associated with ultra-high-end luxury rides such as the Bently Bentayga and the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. The combination of a mainstream crossover, luxury features, and an aftermarket body kit is a blend not often seen, if ever.

Inside, Carlex replaced the typical seats with aggressive two-material sport seats. The front seats are black with yellow accents, a scheme that extends to yellow door paneling and yellow accents on the steering wheel. The Santa Fe’s powertrain has been left alone. 

Carlex Design did not release any more information and has yet to announce a price for the custom Santa Fe. It will initially launch in South Korea and Polish markets will follow after that. Visit Carlex Design for more projects.

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The blend of a sporty tuner-style body kit and luxury features on a 

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