Future prospects of Honda City diesel

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After a lot of hype and speculation, Japanese car maker Honda finally showcased the next generation City sedan in many countries all over the world including India. Ever since reports of unveiling of new generation City surfaced, there was a lot of buzz among car enthusiasts in the country, who had been waiting anxiously for this model. According to reports, the next generation version of this sedan will be launched in January, 2014. Honda has made some noticeable changes in exteriors of this car in order to make it more attractive. However, the biggest development in this context has been the addition of a diesel version, which is expected to do really well in the market. Nevertheless, irrespective of created hype and the success of previous generation version, new City is likely to face a lot of challenges in the form of market conditions, competitors and consumer expectations.



Honda has made distinct changes to exteriors of City, giving it a longer wheelbase. Although the appearance is somewhat similar to that of third generation car, the design of new City is much more dynamic. Apart from this, the company has also added a number of features in this car to make the entire package more appealing. It is being said that Honda has made a dedicated effort to improve the functionality of this new sedan to outclass rivals. In many ways, this car will have to battle fierce competition and demand patterns to do really well.

This is the first time City is going to compete in the diesel segment, which is quite competitive. South Korean auto maker Hyundai is ruling the diesel category of the mid-sized sedan segment due to its model Verna, which has been a superb success. Also, Hyundai Verna has been highly appreciated by critics and customers for its design, performance and technological sophistication. However, experts feel that the success of the i-DTEC diesel engine gives the new model a good chance to register excellent sales figures. Notably, new City diesel is going to be powered by the same 1.5-litre engine that is fitted in the Amaze. Nevertheless, Honda is likely to tune this engine to ensure better output and torque levels.



The other thing that might affect the performance of new Honda City is the market scenario. Demand for cars has been pretty sluggish in the recent past, thereby taking a toll on sales of companies in India. One factor that will work in the favour of this model is the momentum that Honda has in Indian market at present. The performance of Amaze has helped the Japanese firm to stay afloat despite slow demand and worsening economic condition.

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