How Fiat Chrysler is preparing its plants to restart in North America

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FCA also is working to install thermal-imaging cameras to verify what employees have reported on the assessment, according to the statement.

To ensure social distancing, more than 17,000 workstations were analyzed to adhere to the 6-foot rule and many job areas were redesigned with the installation of protective barriers.

Employees will be required to wear company-provided masks and safety glasses at all times in the plants and 10 minutes per shift will be dedicated to cleaning workstations.

“We have taken a ‘belt and suspenders’ approach to mitigating the spread of this virus by implementing lots of layers of protection,” Scott Garberding, FCA’s global chief manufacturing officer, said in the statement. “You are a key part of successfully resuming operations,” he said of employees.

“In this new environment, we all need to take responsibility for our own safety and that of the people around us. An effective startup will require detailed understanding, teaching, coaching and patience from all of us.”

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