Jaguar Land Rover expects $118M CO2 fine from European regulators

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The automaker expects to hit its CO2 reduction target in fourth quarter as it rolls out more plug-in hybrids.

“I believe this will be a compliance quarter and we will be in credit. We are hopeful that 90 million is the worse it gets,” Mardell said. “It depends on the release of those vehicles.”

Mardell said sales of plug-in hybrids and the full-electric Jaguar I-Pace would account for around 11 percent to 12 percent of JLR sales in the EU and the U.K. for the final quarter of 2020.

He said JLR would be compliant in 2021, although the company has previously said it could struggle to meet the U.K. government’s separate 2021 target, which mirrors the EU goal. 

While JLR is already bracing for a fine this year, analysts at PA Consulting predict the automaker will miss its target of 130.6 g/km next year, finishing 2021 at 135 g/km, resulting in a 93 million-euro fine.

JLR this year has opened order books for five plug-in versions of existing models, including the Range Rover Velar, Jaguar F-Pace, Land Rover Defender and the two smaller Land Rover SUVs affected by the sales stop.

A plug-in hybrid version of the Jaguar E-Pace compact crossover will also be launched, Mardell said.

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