Lamborghini Gallardo Crashed and split in two, driver miraculously survives

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A huge crash occurred in Phitsanulok, Thailand when a 40-year-old businessman, Pitak Riangsima, crashed his Lamborghini Gallardo while travelling at a speed 150 km/h in heavy rain. He, however, escaped death without any injuries after the heavy crash. But we are sure he must be in mental trauma for crashing his 36 million Baht (approximately Rs 6.67 crore) worth car.


Riangsima lost control of the vehicle and hit a tree but somehow managed to get out of the car without suffering any injuries. It was only after he exited the Gallardo he noticed the vehicle was split in two.

The paramedic was shocked as he arrived at the crash location to see the driver and owner of the Lamborghini talking over the phone with his insurance company. Interestingly, before the accident, Riangsima visited a temple where his friend suggested him to wear a Buddha amulet for long-distance trips, which he did. Post the incident, Riangsima told the police authorities that the amulet in question was very rare and valuable as it belonged to a highly revered Buddhist monk. Well, carrying a good luck charm does help it seems.


We’ll luck may not favour all the times. We at Motoroids promote safe driving and request our readers to take utmost care while driving, especially during rains.

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Source: Bangkok Post

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