Lamborghini SCV12 track car nearly revealed in camouflaged photos

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Lamborghini has just released a set of photos and video of its upcoming SCV12 hypercar, giving us a clearer look. The track-only machine does look similarly sized to the Aventador, but it apparently doesn’t share much with the road car.

The closest relation is has to the Aventador is the use of a naturally aspirated V12 engine. But this one is the most-powerful naturally aspirated V12 ever built by Lamborghini. It makes 830 horsepower, and that’s partly made possible by the car’s aerodynamics and intake manifold. The car features a huge roof intake scoop, and the hood has several vents that channel air to the scoop. At speed, these components create a supercharging effect, pushing more air into the engine than what it would pull in naturally. The engine is connected to a six-speed sequential transmission and powers only the rear wheels. Previous reports have mentioned the SCV12 will get a trick limited-slip differential.

The SCV12’s chassis and aerodynamics have other impressive details. The car produces more downforce than a GT3-class race car thanks to its huge custom carbon fiber rear wing and array of dive planes and splitters. Lamborghini says the SCV12 uses a unique carbon fiber chassis that uses other components such as transmission as structural members. The rear pushrod suspension is actually partly connected to the transmission. The SCV12 also features magnesium wheels wrapped in slick Pirelli tires specific to the Lamborghini.

Besides the car, buyers of the SCV12 will also get to participate in a variety of driving programs and famous racetracks and get coaching from five-time Le Mans winner Emanuele Pirro. Technical support will be provided by Squadra Corse.

Details such as pricing and number of units have yet to be revealed, but we won’t have long to wait as Lamborghini will unveil the car later this summer. We wouldn’t be surprised if the car costs well into the seven-figure range. Previous reports have suggested only 40 will be built.

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