McLaren P1 successor due out in 2024 with electrified drivetrain

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The limited-edition P1’s long-awaited successor will be the next model added to McLaren’s Ultimate Series. The company confirmed development work has started, but it won’t release the yet-unnamed car until 2024.

Picking up where the P1 (pictured) left off is a Herculean task; the hybrid hypercar built from 2013 to 2015 is one of the models that defined electrified performance in the 2010s. Its successor can’t be merely an evolution of it with a re-shaped lower bumper and a 15-horsepower bump. It needs to take a leap forward in terms of design, technology, and performance. McLaren hasn’t revealed what the car will be powered by, but its chief executive stated electrification is a must.

“We haven’t announced the powertrain. Obviously, looking forward, it will be either hybridized or an EV,” company boss Mike Flewitt told British magazine Autocar. The carmaker previously affirmed it’s not in a rush to release an electric car, and Flewitt highlighted the many hurdles still standing in the way of the technology. 

“Take the 765LT as an example. We know a lot of customers are going to take that to the track. If it were an EV, you would be looking at maybe 30 minutes of running time, and then plugging it in until the next day. That’s not a persuasive position,” he explained. Electric technology is advancing at a rapid pace, so engineers could solve these problems in the coming years, but most signs point to the P1’s successor offering hybrid power.

Looks will be very much a part of the car’s appeal, and it’s expected to move McLaren’s design language forward. It’s reasonable to assume active aerodynamic add-ons and an adjustable suspension will be part of the package, too. More details about the car (which will arrive as a limited-edition model) will emerge in the coming months.

The four-year time frame gives McLaren plenty of time to fine-tune the coupe, which it refers to internally as the son of P1. In the meantime, it’s focusing on ramping up production of the Elva, a windshield-less Ultimate Series model originally limited to 399 units. The firm lowered that figure to 249 after analyzing feedback from its clients.

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