Mercedes-Benz EQE midsize electric car spied on video

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Mercedes has made it very clear that it has a high-end electric luxury sedan coming by the name of EQS. Not only have we seen the production car in spy shots a few times, we’ve even gone for a spin in the concept car. Less publicized has been its little sibling, the Mercedes-Benz EQE. While it looks extremely similar to the EQS, there are a number of distinct differences, chief among them the size.

This is all made particularly clear in the above footage of the car testing in Sweden. It’s alongside a few S-Class test mules, which shows off that the EQE is notably smaller. Also comparing images of it with the EQS, we can see that the proportions are a bit different. The side windows aren’t as long, and the roofline drops back down much more dramatically to the tail than the more elegant EQS. This car lacks the fancy flush-fitting pop-out door handles of the high-end EQS, too.

Besides giving us a good look at the size of the EQE, we also get a nice look at one of the features it will be packing: four-wheel steering. At about the 4-minute mark, we can see the car being pulled out of a parking space, and the rear wheels provide a large amount of opposite steering angle to the front for tight maneuverability. This isn’t the first time Mercedes has offered four-wheel steering, as the AMG GT coupe is available with it, but it’s new for a Mercedes electric car. The EQC crossover lacks such a feature.

We expect that the EQE will probably share the dual-motor powertrain of the EQC, which makes 402 horsepower and 561 pound-feet of torque. There’s also the possibility of more powerful versions, since the bigger EQS is rumored to get higher-output motors. It will likely share the same battery pack, too. In the EQC, we’re expecting the U.S. range to be a bit over 200 miles. The EQE with the same battery would probably go a bit farther, simply due to its seemingly more aerodynamic shape and potentially lighter weight.

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