Mugen parts for Honda Civic Type R show rare restraint

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Restraint? Allow us to explain. Last year, Mugen fabricated a concept car based on the Honda Civic Type R called the RC20GT. We liked… the wheels. The rest of the hatch earned the headlining phrase, “but look at that face.” Now, Mugen’s released a suite of cosmetic and functional add-ons that combines the best bits from the RC20GT with some original and redesigned versions of the blasphemous bits. The entire exterior package entails a vented carbon fiber hood from the concept car, carbon centerpiece for the grille, bumper trim, front splitter, carbon side mirror caps, door protectors that slip behind the door handles, rocker panels, sill plates, a laid back five-piece tailgate spoiler, an even more extreme adjustable rear wing in fiberglass or carbon fiber, LED taillights, carbon license plate surround, rear diffuser, and titanium dual exhaust. There are also the same lightweight, 20-inch forged wheels we liked on the RC20GT, hiding upgraded brake pads. Mugan-branded license plate bolts are also available for hardcore ride-or-die types.

The interior menu includes a carbon fiber and perforated leather steering wheel, striped Recaro buckets seats in Alcantara, a quick-shift kit with a modified return spring, gear shift knobs in aluminum, carbon fiber, or leather, black or red floor mats, and a Mugen-branded start button. 

Mugen didn’t make output changes to the 2.0-liter four-cylinder, but a new oil filter and engine treatment oil are touted as (somehow) improving oil pressure and minimizing engine power loss. For the fastidious, a fuzzy fabric reservoir cover absorbs any leakage from the brake or clutch fluid reservoirs.

The outside bits are said to improve the Type R’s ability to make the most of its 306 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The vented hood evacuates more heat from the engine bay, the big, four-position adjustable rear wing increases downforce without increasing drag, the wheels reduce unsprung mass and the brake pads are more resistant to fade. Almost all of the exterior components can be had unpainted, or finished in Brilliantly Sporty Blue, Championship White, Crystal Black Pearl, or Flame Red. Not all of the Mugen parts are available outside of Japan, however; the vented hood and big wing aren’t offered by Mugen exporter Nengun for the U.S., for instance, and none of the interior parts are listed.   

Those big-ticket items might have a hard time here, anyway; in the UK, the big adjustable fiberglass wing calls for a money transfer of $9,307, the same unit in carbon fiber needs a drag-inducing $13,296. Don’t look for bargains on U.S. parts, either, when side mirror caps go for $577.69, the same price as a painted front splitter, and the carbon grille garnish costs $871.42.

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