Nissan previews next-gen Frontier pickup in first official images

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Nissan released a video today previewing and confirming the next-gen Z car. We got to see a shadowy silhouette of Nissan’s upcoming sports car — find all the details on that here — but we also got a preview of many other future Nissan products. Most notable among the line of products rolling by us was the first look at Nissan’s next-gen Frontier pickup.

We’ve heard scads of information about this truck coming our way, but this is the first time Nissan has shown what it’s going to look like. The differences are clear as day. The front nose no longer slopes downward when viewed in profile, appearing like most upright truck faces do these days. Two proud twin strips of LED lighting bring it up to date with a signature look, and the hood features multiple muscular lines. Viewed from the side like this, we’re getting Toyota Tacoma vibes from its blocky shape and brawny lines.

When Nissan transitions to the full fleet shot toward the end of the video, we get to see the Frontier from the front three-quarter angle. That said, it’s way too far from the camera to get a great look — the picture gets fairly grainy when we zoom in on the truck. However, we can still make out a squared-off grille and a lower bumper opening. The bulging fenders are the most obvious design treatment we can make out here, with the bulge extending into the door itself and traveling from fender to fender. It looks squared off and sharp, like the rest of the truck’s lines. If you want tough, the Frontier appears to be going that route. We’re liking what we’re seeing so far.

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