Nissan releases free coloring book to quell coronavirus blues

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Coloring books are a great way to pass the time in quarantine these days. Audi released a good one, and Ian Callum put forth some coloring pages, too. Now that you’ve likely exhausted those avenues, it’s Nissan’s turn. Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s senior vice president for global design, and Nissan designers across the world put together these 23 pages of coloring. All of them are available to download for free. Here’s the link. You can also just snag individual pages from our gallery above if you don’t want the whole book.

We’re particularly fond of the GT-R heritage and Figaro pages. Though the 240Z and two-door 510 make for some splendid competition in our hearts. Even Patrol fans will have fun with this, as Nissan has dedicated an entire page to the past and future of the off-roader.

Futuristic concepts are littered throughout the book, too. If there are any fans of the IMs, IMq, or IMk concepts, you’ll want to check this out. Nissan even throws in the tiny Choi-Mobi electric car for good measure.

If you do start drawing and coloring away, Nissan says to post it on social media with #drawdrawdraw. Albaisa says Nissan designers will be looking out for these drawings and interacting with the folks who create them online. The designer talks more about what the Nissan design team is doing while at home in the video below.


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