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There’s nothing more frustrating than taking your car into the shop for a seemingly minor problem and leaving with a bill in the hundreds of dollars when you could have fixed it yourself. If only you had a powerful diagnostics tool, you might have avoided an expensive trip. 

THINKOBD 100: Full Automotive Scan Tool is your solution for avoiding pricey mechanic visits. This plug-and-play scan tool uses your car’s battery to check for a wide range of potential problems. 

WIth THINKOBD 100, you can easily read and clear fault codes in your engine system, check the status of emission-related monitors, misfire system and fuel system, and see if your engine light is working. Need to quickly look up your car’s VIN number? That information is only a screen away. 

You can instantly see if your engine is in trouble with a comprehensive system check. THINKOBD 100 will also detect vehicle failures. You’ll be able to tap into your car’s live-data stream and look up any of the potential diagnostic trouble codes. This will help you troubleshoot any issues before you have to reach out to your mechanic. 

This scan tool is a DIY dream. Please note that you must be 18 years old to purchase THINKOBD 100. This tool works with all vehicles after 1996 that support the OBD II protocol. Add a one-year warranty for only $6.99 or a two-year warranty for just $8.99.

Pick up the THINKOBD 100: Full Automotive Scan Tool for just $29.99 and save 14% off the original list price. 

Price subject to change. 


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