Toyota retains most valuable auto brand title; Tesla passes Honda, Ford and Nissan

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Brands with a clear and visible EV message, such as Mercedes with its EQ subbrand for full-electric vehicles, are best-placed to slow the decrease in their valuation.

“Brands that are continuing to invest in more EVs will continue to grow in the future,” Guillaume Saint, Kantar’s global automotive practice lead told Automotive News Europe. “Companies that are dropping value the most are the ones that are most shy about expressing their vision for the future in terms of mobility.”

In the Top 10, Nissan suffered the biggest percentage fall in value, down 18 percent to $8.66 billion, while Honda dropped 15 percent to $9.97 billion.

Tesla’s value benefited from its all-electric lineup, but the brand’s positive perception among consumers went beyond the battery-driven powertrain. “All the analysis we did said that Tesla wasn’t [perceived as] a car brand, but as a technology brand that happens to make cars,” Staplehurst said.

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