Watch two Supras turn a McDonald’s drive-thru into Formula Drift

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The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Tomica toys, and the company teamed up with McDonald’s in Japan to mark the occasion. At select locations, the Happy Meals will include Tomica vehicles, including a Toyota GR Supra and a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT500. To promote the fun marketing campaign, Toyota’s Gazoo Racing set up a drive-thru drift course for the Supra “Drift Twins,” Daigo Saito and Nobuteru Taniguchi, and made a video of the two grabbing a meal at Mickey D’s.

Saito and Taniguchi are both legends in the drift game. Saito is the 2008 D1GP Series champion, 2008 D1GP Series champion, and 2016 D1GP Series champion, as well as being the man behind that insane Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murciélago drift car. He’s the only driver in the world to win the world’s two biggest drift series.

Taniguchi is equally as impressive. He has won multiple championships in Super GT and Super Taikyu, Asia’s premier endurance racing series. He was also the first D1GP champion in 2001 and has won the 86/BRZ drift series in 2014, 2015, 2018, and 2019, good for the most wins in the series. Together, Taniguchi and Saito danced in modified drift Supras all over a specially crafted drive-thru course.

The course features several twists and turns, as well as other obstacles such as a giant Big Mac, a fry delivery stand, and a mobile R.C. delivery car. Saito and Taniguchi perform a beautiful smokey waltz on the way to the drive-thru window where they pick up their new Supra toys. 

Check out the full video above and view detailed videos of the toys below. Separately, a Tomica 50th Anniversary Supra is available for purchase online.

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