‘WRC 9’ video game gets a major gameplay trailer

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Back in March, Nacon, formerly Bigben Studios, announced “WRC 9” the latest installment in its long-running rally racing video game series. But we’ve had to wait until now to get a really good look at what the game looks like in action. The company released a nearly three minute trailer of game play from its New Zealand rally stages, one of the three new locations featured in the game.

Pleasingly, the trailer shows plain and simple game play from interior and chase cams. There aren’t artsy graphics and loud music, just plain and simple game play. There are some more cinematic angles to give additional perspectives to the game. And it looks quite good. In particular, the lighting and particle effects seem to be significantly improved over last year’s “WRC 8,” with more accurate shading and reflections. The billowing clouds of dust look good, too.

Besides improved visuals, the developers of “WRC 9” say that there will be more expansive crew options and upgrades, as well as additional kinds of events. Additionally, Kenya and Japan join New Zealand as the three new rally locations added to the game. Over 50 current rally cars from all levels of rally series plus 15 historic rally cars will be included.

“WRC 9” is only a few months away, with the release date slated for September 3, which is unchanged from the earlier announcement. This is noteworthy since not only have cars had their releases delayed, so have some games, such as Naughty Dog’s “The Last of Us: Part II.” The game will initially release on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Versions for the Nintendo Switch and the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will follow a bit later.

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