Polestar 1 receives official EPA range rating

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The 2020 Polestar 1 has finally received its official EPA ratings. When fully charged, it’s rated for an all-electric range of 52 miles. That’s short of what the company initially claimed for the car’s range. When we drove the Polestar 1 for the first time, the claim was 60 to 75 miles. Coming in eight miles short of the 60-mile mark is missing that target, but as we’ve found time and time again, the EPA rating doesn’t necessarily reflect real-world electric range.

Total range will never be an issue for the Polestar 1, though, because it also has a 2.0-liter turbo- and supercharged inline-four under the hood. With a full tank and full charge, the Polestar 1 can go approximately 470 miles before needing to stop at a gas station. When run on gasoline only, the Polestar 1 gets a 26 mpg rating, which isn’t half bad for a car that hits 60 mph in 4.2 seconds and has 619 horsepower and 738 pound-feet of torque. It also received a 58 MPGe rating, and the EPA estimates that an average driver will spend about $1,250/year on electricity and gasoline combined.

When compared to other plug-in hybrid vehicles on sale today, the Polestar 1 has an astounding range. Being able to travel 52 miles on electricity is far more than enough for most commutes, but thank the pair of battery packs that add up to a total capacity of 34 kWh for that.

Not many folks will be commuting with their Polestar 1 given the car’s $156,000 price, though. That’s completely fine. We declared it to be the “Beckhamian kick to get the ball rolling down the hill” for Polestar in our First Drive review. It serves as the brand’s halo car. If you want all the details, do check out our full breakdown and impressions from our first time behind the wheel in San Francisco.

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